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Do You Have a Plan for Retirement?

February 20, 2017
Most people hear retirement plan and immediately think in financial terms. While finances are an important part of a retirement plan, one of the most important decisions you can make is where you want to live. This decision often gets pushed off or forgotten about until it can no longer wait. This important decision requires time to consider all of your options. Rushing a decision can lead to moving somewhere that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. It’s best to get your plan in place when things are going well.

Love is in the Air

February 16, 2017
Salemtowne is celebrating resident newlyweds Marjorie and Bill Humbert who were recently married in the Chapel at Fairview Moravian Church. They met when Marjorie moved into a cottage across the street from Bill’s home. He took cookies over to welcome her to Salemtowne. A few days later, he took more cookies. After a couple of weeks, Marjorie agreed to go to a movie with him. The romance had begun.

Matters of the Heart

February 16, 2017
When you provide the primary emotional support and care to your spouse, you are a caregiver! Being the caregiver of a spouse who has a chronic condition, dementia, or stroke means you need support, too. Emotions of frustration, fear, guilt, fatigue, and loneliness are often part of caregiving. In addition to receiving individual support, a small group of caregiver spouses meets at Salemtowne for friendship, support and encouragement every month.