Working Bees Find a Home at Salemtowne

Cissie Anderson grew up on a farm in Georgia, where it was her mother’s job to tend the 20 or so hives of honey bees that provided the sweetener for everything from sweet tea to Georgia peach pie. Those days are long gone; now Cissie and her husband, John, have retired and live at Salemtowne … Continued

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Do You Need More Fun in Your Life?

Click here to read this (fun!) article and then make sure to get out there and have fun! You’re always welcome to join in the fun at Salemtowne!

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Successful Aging Tip of the Month: Challenge Your Brain

Brain fitness impacts all aspects of our life and is often neglected once we cease working. We now realize that the brain is NOT fully formed and mature once we reach adulthood, gradually becoming depleted as we age. Exciting and optimistic research tells us we are the architects of our brain, with the ability to … Continued

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Salemtowne Residents Connect with Local High School Students

Before school on Tuesday morning, North Forsyth sophomore Isabel Diego headed over to Salemtowne retirement community to take a walk with residents. From there, she was off to school. After a full day at school, she went back over to Salemtowne before going home so that she could help residents with any questions they might … Continued

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Alzheimers Education Series

Salemtowne is pleased to present a 3-part Alzheimer’s Education series facilitated by Rona Klein, Westerly Place Memory Support Program Coordinator.  Rona is also a Volunteer Community Educator with the Alzheimer’s Association.  The series will begin with The Basics:  Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease on Thursday, June 14.  Choose to attend a session from 2-3 pm or 7-8 pm.  Click here to … Continued

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Successful Aging Tip of the Month: Keep Moving

From the very beginning, our species has had a basic requirement to be physically active to remain healthy.  Not only muscles, but the brain, GI tract, cardiovascular…all systems function as designed when we move.  Movement was required to survive, and this has not changed, yet we seemed determined to limit movement with technology. Physical activity … Continued

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Natural Beauty

I’ve always enjoyed what I call warm/cold mornings in early Spring. Even though the temperature reading may be below freezing, the warmth of the sun is such that stepping outside is a pleasure. The senses sharpen, the body feels more alive, and a general feeling of wellbeing floods the brain. Such was the reality of … Continued

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